The Jubilee Year of Mercy

The Jubilee Year of Mercy

Diocese of Miri, Malaysia

Jubilee Year of Mercy: Pilgrimage Cross.

The Jubilee year of Mercy celebrations are still ongoing within the diocese of Miri with many planned pilgrimages through the Holy Door in St Joseph’s cathedral or to the Marian shrine in St. Dominic’s church, which is also in Miri. Part of these celebration involve the Jubilee cross making its own pilgrimage around the diocese.

The Cross will visit every parish in the diocese giving people who may not get the chance to make a pilgrimage to have their own local “pilgrimage” wherever it is they are living.

The Cross then helps to raise awareness and understanding of what the Jubilee year of Mercy is all about among the near and far flung faithful of the diocese. Presently the cross is in Lapok parish, where two Mill Hill priests are working.

Fr. John McAulay mhm has been in Lapok parish for just over a year and Fr. Chris Oy Ravindra mhm is newly arrived straight from his ordination. Both our priests are involved in the Longhouse apostolate of the parish, travelling both up and down the rivers Beram and Tinjar.

Frs John McAulay and Christ Oy Ravindra

The parish is huge and the people of the Longhouses are poor. Having the cross in the parish gives many of them the opportunity to partake in the Jubilee year of Mercy that may have otherwise been impossible. The jungle of Borneo is not for the faint hearted and any message of hope or love, accompanied by appropriate symbols or works of charity, is always welcome. It is with joy then we welcome the Jubilee cross to Lapok parish.

John McAulay mhm

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