East Africa Jubilee Celebration

On May 21st the Mill Hill missionaries in East Africa celebrated the 150 year Jubilee of the Mill Hill Missionary Society at Kibuye Cathedral in Kisumu. The solemn Eucharist was presided over by Archbishop Charles Daniel Balvo, Papal Nuncio to Kenya.


Temporary Oath Jinja

On May 1st six new Temporary members took their Temporary Oath in the presence of Fr Bernard Phelan who on behalf of Fr Philip Adede (Regional Superior), received their temporary commitment.


Jubilee Witness

I was ordained a priest on 8th July 1953 in our College Chapel at Mill Hill London, and after 4 years of university studies in St Louis USA, I arrived in Uganda by train from Mombasa on 16th December I960. Since then I have lived all the time in Uganda, except for my home leave and one year of spiritual renewal in Europe.


Friends of Mill Hill Magazine, East Africa

The front cover shows the Martyrs of Uganda in a stained glass window created by Brother Joseph van Heeswijk, a Mill Hill missionary who worked in Uganda all his life. This beautiful window is in Rubaga Cathedral Kampala.


Brother Hubert Neumair Retires

Brother Hubert Neumair from the South Tyrol was born in 1939 and joined the Mill Hill Missionaries when he was 17 years old. After some years of training in Oosterbeek and a few years helping to build the convent in Mill Hill, he took his Perpetual Oath in 1964. His hopes of going straight to “the Missions” were dashed and he was appointed to South Tyrol where he spent the best part of 25 years engaged in promotion of Mission mainly through the magazine. Finally he was appointed to Kenya where he worked a few years in Western Kenya. From there he came to Kagoma in the Diocese of Jinja, Uganda, where he worked alongside the late Fr.Louis Helfer. The next stop was the Mill Hill Hill House in Nairobi which he run for seven years. From there he came to Kampala to take charge of the Mill Hill house there. He also spent about seven years in this position, and has now retired to the South Tyrol.

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