The 'Declan O'Toole' Social Centre in Watakau, Northern Uganda

Watakau Watakau is famed as the largest village in Uganda. There are about eleven thousand people living in the village. The village is one big cluster of small huts standing next to each other. Due to the large population clustered together, the village has serious problems of hygiene and sanitation. The young people in the village are prone to idleness and drunkenness and the level of poverty in that village is very high. The level of vulnerability in the village is always high. It is in this village that Fr. Declan O’Toole Social Centre has been opened.

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Uganda:My Mission

In this book, Father Grimes mhm reveals the struggles and successes of managing a secondary school in difficult and complex circumstances, but which gave a first class education to many children, some of whom have risen to senior positions in government, trade and industry.

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John Kaiser Musical

At the occasion of the 150 years Jubilee of the Mill Hill Missionary Society a musical featuring the life and violent death of Fr John Kaiser mhm was staged at Kisumu, Kenya. Fr Hans Burgman mhm is the initiator and the author of the libretto. A local musician composed the music and the students of the Kisumu Art Academy gave a star performance.

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