Easter Message

Our present world is fast changing and is challenged by violence, division, extremism, instability and persecution. The road ahead may appear uncertain, if not dangerous. The prologue of our Constitution and Directives states:

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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is a 'tomb day' that brings home the desolation and finality of the Cross. We have to experience its stark reality, the silence of God, to be prepared for Good Friday and for Easter Morning.

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St Joseph, Patron of Families

St. Joseph, as the gentle head of the Holy Family, is a much-honored and well-beloved saint. God has made St. Joseph a heavenly patron of family life because he sanctified himself as head of the Holy Family and the foster father of Jesus, Our Saviour and also by his beautiful example of sanctified family life. So there is no wonder and surprise in calling him the patron saint of families. Many Christian families admire the family of St. Joseph as the exemplary family to be imitated simply because it is an extraordinary family and at the same time a true family based on the simple yet profound values of human life. Although Jesus is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world, He chose to be born in the family of St. Joseph like any one of us but St. Joseph never bragged about it nor behaved proudly. Instead he exhibited simplicity and humility in accepting to be the foster father of Jesus our Saviour. As Jesus was always obedient to his heavenly Father, so too Joseph was always respective and obedient to his family. He did not merely tell Jesus and Mary that he loved them. He acted out his love. He lived it. That is the secret of true love. He never flinched back in fulfilling the will of God. Therefore every family has to learn a lot from the Holy Family. The qualities such as understanding, love and unity can only be nurtured and developed in a family. In fact Joseph was a descendant of the Royal family of David yet he lived in comparative obscurity and a ‘nobody’ in the world’s eyes. However, he too faced difficult family problems such as, Mary’s pregnancy, the threat to the life of the child, the exile to a foreign land, how to make ends meet by the work of his hands. But unlike St. Joseph, we often have an idealised understanding of family life. As the saying goes “unless one jumps into the well, one doesn’t know the real depth of the well”. This is where St. Joseph once again remains a true model for a true family life.

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