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Muslim kneeling in prayer just yards from St John's Catholic church , Bamenda, Cameroon Muslim - Christian 'dialogue of life': a contemporary challenge.


On Being a Priest in Contemporary Ireland

“Give your opinion about what a priest in Ireland needs to be at this time in our history.” I was asked to write an article on the above topic and as a result I found myself reflecting on what a long and expansive title it is. Do they not realise that I am not a theologian or scripture scholar or a philosopher or a writer but I am a simple missionary priest who is now living and working in Ireland?


Travelling companions

To use a phrase from Pope Francis, all of us are called to wake up the world. How do we do this? By living and communicating the message of Jesus Christ. Our Missionary way of life is part of that communication of the Word, of how our humanity was saved through God’s loving action and how the way we live our humanity must reflect the loving kindness of God. Our life is missionary and our formation should not be oriented only towards personal growth but also how we are to care for God’s people. Hopefully our formation is not only to produce administrators or managers but people who are brothers and sisters and - ‘travelling companions’.



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