Mill Hill South Africa 150th Jubilee Celebrations

This year 2016, St Joseph’s Missionary Society, commonly known as the Mill Hill Missionaries, is celebrating a century and a half of bringing the love of Christ to the four corners of the World. According to the General Superior of the Mill Hill Missionaries, Father Michael Corcoran MHM, this is a significant jubilee, a significant milestone in the life of St Joseph’s Missionary Society as “it marks a substantial contribution to the Church for over 150 years. Through Cardinal Vaughan’s vision and the growth of our own society, I’m aware that so many other missionary societies of women and men have flourished in the UK due to the scope and reach of the Mill Hill Missionaries. All these friends of ours are invited to celebrate with us this year and as we collaborate in the future to nurture the vocation of all our people today for a life on mission, whether women, men, lay or religious”.

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