South Africa: Police Sunday Celebrations

Every year, the Catholic Church in the SACBC celebrate the Police Day on the 29th January on the theme “unite in prayer against crime and corruption in South Africa”. Crime and corruption in South Africa have become a threat to society. The rate of homicide, rape, domestic violence, kidnaping, robbery, hijacking, child molestation has been on the increase.

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The youngest author in Africa and top ten youngest writers in the World, published a book titled “Waiting for the waves”. The South African born girl with Cameroon roots, in her book describes how a young girl called Titi with her family lived far away from the beach and one day decided to visit the sea. Once at the beach, the little girl liked the waves but was scared to enter the sea and her uncle and family helped her to believe in herself and to conquer her fears.

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Bothaville, South Africa, gets its first Catholic church.

When Fr. John Doran mhm first arrived in South Africa in 2005 he took charge of four communities (two small English speaking and two Sotho speaking communities). Out of the four communities, only one, Bothavile town, rented the Methodist Church for services and celebrations. Geographically, Bothavile is in the middle of South Africa and is the heart of the maize production in the country and a big transport hub. It hosts the second largest agricultural show in the world every year. The Catholic community of Bothavile is very small and is made up of persons of Portuguese, Italian, Lebanese extraction as well as Afrikaners and Basotho.

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Mill Hill South Africa

Recently Fr Andrew Mukulu mhm, Councillor for Africa, returned to a familiar territory where he once served as a missionary some years ago. He visited many mission areas: Kroonstad, Vijeonsroon, Parys, Kopies, Vredefort, Heilbron, and Sasolburg. He met with people and celebrated Mass with them. People were surprised as he had a very good memory of Sesotho, the local language.

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Zamdela Celebrates the Feast of the Martyrs of Uganda

On the 5th June 2016, the parishioners of Zamdela, Sasolburg, in the diocese of Kroonstad, South Africa gathered to celebrate the feast of their patron: the Martyrs of Uganda. Prior to the high mass, the parishioners were full of song and jubilation as they welcomed the local ordinary Rt Rev Peter Holiday, Bishop of the diocese of Kroonstad. There was a walking procession to the church led by children accompanied by church groups: Chiro Youth Club, St Ann, and St Joseph, Catholic Women’s League, Christian Life Group, St Stephens, St Cecilia, Sacred Heart group, friends and invited guests from neighbouring parishes. The bishop was given a guard of honour by the Knights of Da Gama. The procession, though it was a cold Sunday morning, attracted many onlookers in the township.

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