Pakistani Martyrs

Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore, Pakistan, on the challenges facing the tiny Christian minority in the country.


Young Priests Meeting in Lahore, Pakistan

Nearly 40 priests from different Dioceses in Pakistan attended the just concluded Annual Young Priests' Conference held in Lahore, Pakistan. The 3-day get-together was organized by the National Clergy Commission Pakistan to provide on-going formation for young priests not less than a year and not more than five years ordained. The Conference was also intended to promote a closer relationship among the young priests so that they can support each other and share with one another their joys and struggles.


A Pakistani Patron Saint for the New Martyrs of the 21st Century?

St Stephen, the Holy Innocents, St Thomas Becket: during the Christmas octave the Church celebrates a string of martyrs. Every age has its own Christian martyrs. This 21st century is no exception. In an article in Crux well known journalist nd author John L. Allen Jr highlights the ultimate witness of Shahbaz Bhatti, who dedicated his life to defending Christians and other minorities in his country Pakistan. He was shot to death in March 2011 by members of a radical Muslim group. Could he become the patron saint of the new martyrs of the 21st century?


Papal Nuncio Gets Smell of the Sheep

Pope Francis recently met his representatives across the globe in the Vatican for a 3-day meeting particularly scheduled during the Holy Year of Mercy. During the gathering, Pope Francis reminded his nuncios that they should continue serving in humility and that their secret code as link between the successor of Peter and the different local Churches must be mercy.


South Meets North in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Mill Hillers working in the southern and the northern part of the country are separated by a large distance of approximately 1337 kilometers. Over the last few years, the young members in Pakistan have been committed to break the distance barrier by having a common annual gathering to listen and support each other in their unique mission journey in Pakistan. The meeting this year was attended by three members from Rawalpindi Diocese and five members from Hyderabad Diocese along with a Pakistani aspirant.


Working among the Disadvantaged in Pakistan

Fr Nico Schipper is a Mill Hill missionary in the diocese of Hyderabad, South-East Pakistan. He lives and works among the marginalised poor, those who are ranked lowest in the Hindu caste system. Even though Pakistan is an overwhelmingly Muslim country the Hindu caste mentality still largely governs social stratification. Most Christians belong to the lowest ranking category in the Hindu caste system. They are considered to be unclean and inferior. Traditionally more than 90% of these Christians find employment in the lowliest of occupations, as sweepers and cleaners of toilets, sewage etc. They are ranked at the very bottom of the social scale. Fortunately, through improved schooling, quite a number of Christians have found more dignified work. But the type of work you do has no influence on the social pecking order.

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