Wolrd Youth Day Diary

Fr Jim Fanning mhm We are queuing outside Wawel Castle. There is a security check before we can enter but all very friendly. The youth want to do a bit of sightseeing before the big event. We all have our back packs with the WYD logo, wristbands,headscarves, name tags which entitle us to free travel on Krakow's transport system (but no body checks or anything) as the town belongs to the youth.


World Youth Day

The Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Kraków got in ahead of time. I began to feel the Polish world already in the waiting lounge as I stood in the queue and heard the swishing and shuffling of the polish language around me- and over there in the line was a youngish looking priest dressed in a bluish cassock praying his beads with a happy face. The plane was full but with only a few backpacking girls amongst the mostly middle aged passengers who were accompanied by quite a few small children.


World Youth Day, Krakow

Well, I am on my way to Kraków. I have decided to travel with a rucksack. I don't know what to expect but Patrick from Germany, an 18 year old of Polish descent, whom I met in Kampala last year during the Papal visit, assures me me that his Polish people are going to look after us very well. No I do not need to bring a sleeping bag. No I will not have to pay for my stay. He will meet me at the airport and drive me to his friends. From a religious sister I have heard we will sleep in a field one night and do a twenty mile walk on another day! Well I am in trim for walking having been preparing for the past six months for my trip to Compostela on foot in October. I have a minute groundsheet tucked away in my rucksack in case I have to sleep out one night. I am happy to learn that the weather at the moment is very warm there.


Development Workshops Cameroon

General Councillor, Jimmy Lindero mhm, visits the Mill Hill missionaries in Cameroon to conduct a number of workshops on development.

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