The Jubilee Year of Mercy and the St Joseph Project

A lot has been happening in the Diocese of Miri this year. There are a number of initiatives and projects that are ongoing, all of them falling under three main headings: The Jubilee year of Mercy instituted by Pope Francis, the diocesan St Joseph Project (called here the “Wisma St Joseph” project), and the 40th anniversary of the Diocese. The Mill Hill man most directly involved with all of these projects is Fr. Guido Gockel mhm. Fr. Guido is the parish priest of St. Dominic’s parish in Miri. Last year Bishop Richard (the Bishop of Miri diocese) made him the chairman for all three projects.

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Jubilee Interviews

Vincent Oates mhm has served as a missionary in Malaysia, Pakistan, Great Britain and India. After many years absence he returned to Sarawak (Malyasia) not so long ago and is currently ministring in the parish of Sarikei.

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A Red Sash

In 1942, the Japanese invaded what is now East Malaysia: Sarawak and Sabah. They interned all the Mill Hill missionaries as enemy aliens, except for those from Tyrol, a German speaking part of northern Italy, because Italy was an ally of the Japanese. There were two such Mill Hill men in Sarawak and eight in Sabah, but when, in 1945, Italy surrendered, the eight men in Sabah were rounded up by the Japanese and marched off to an internment camp. They never arrived. Somewhere on that journey, they were killed; we don’t know how and we are not sure where, for their remains have never been found.

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Mill Hill Missionaries in Sarawak, Malaysia (7)

The pastoral responsibilities in Sarikei, a large and well established parish in the diocese of Sibu, are shared by Frs James Ting and Vincent Oates mhm. Fr Vincent Oates mhm returned to Malaysia after many fruitful years of missionary service in Pakistan, Britain and India. Together they also minister to a considerable number of longhouses in the outlying district.

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