East Africa Young Members Meeting

In school one of the most precious times apart from classtime is the breaktime. Breaktime is a time to refresh and re-energise; it is a time to refill as does the traveller who runs into a fuel station with an empty tank and leaves assured that the journey will proceed smoothly. Apart from refilling and refreshing, breaktime is also a time to take stock, evaluate and refocus. It was in this light that the “young” young members (under two years of appointment) from Kenya and Uganda, gathered in Kampala for three full days to refresh, re-energise, evaluate and refocus on their mission, the mission of Christ to preach Good News to all and welcome all to the kingdom.

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How to get my life right

In the book How to get my life right, J. M. Roca makes the question of what our vocation may be in this life a grave concern for whoever has struggled with the search for meaning in his or her life. He starts by asserting that the whole of humanity is on a journey towards an end. And the end in view is a life of unity with God who created each and every one of us, for a purpose. Because God created each one of us different from any other person and for a task particular to each one of us, the route to this end will always be particular to each; though with the same end in view.

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Revitalising Small Christian Communities

Promoting new and deeper evangelization through revitalization and utilization of Small Christian Communities (SCC) as a model of evangelization at the grassroots level is one of the goals of AMECEA 10-Year Pastoral Strategic Plan for 2014-2024. And among the strategies proposed towards the realization of this goal is the training of personnel to run SCC, develop material for use by SCC, creating desk and operation structure of SCC at national conference and Diocesan levels.

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An Echo from Kenya's East Coast

At midday on the 18th of April 2017 with the sun shining brightly from a clear blue sky and as the people of the coastal region of Kenya were praying for the long awaited rains, the Mill Hill teams of Sts. Francis Xavier and Josef Freinademetz Malindi and Witu/ Kipini Parishes respectively, gathered for a meeting. They had come together not only to share their successes and challenges of mission but also to pray for rain and to remember in a special way those who participated in sowing the seed of Christianity at the Coast of Kenya. Vivid in our minds was the memory of Br. Brian Thorp the anniversary of whose death had just slipped by. Some of us had met him in person when he was alive. Others never had.

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