South Africa: Police Sunday Celebrations

Every year, the Catholic Church in the SACBC celebrate the Police Day on the 29th January on the theme “unite in prayer against crime and corruption in South Africa”. Crime and corruption in South Africa have become a threat to society. The rate of homicide, rape, domestic violence, kidnaping, robbery, hijacking, child molestation has been on the increase.


Happy New Year

To all visitors to the website of the Mill Hill Missionaries: A hope-filled and blessed New Year! From Pope Francis' Message for the Celebration of the Fiftieth World Day of Peace


A Pakistani Patron Saint for the New Martyrs of the 21st Century?

St Stephen, the Holy Innocents, St Thomas Becket: during the Christmas octave the Church celebrates a string of martyrs. Every age has its own Christian martyrs. This 21st century is no exception. In an article in Crux well known journalist nd author John L. Allen Jr highlights the ultimate witness of Shahbaz Bhatti, who dedicated his life to defending Christians and other minorities in his country Pakistan. He was shot to death in March 2011 by members of a radical Muslim group. Could he become the patron saint of the new martyrs of the 21st century?

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