Lenten Meditation (5)

If all countries in the world would adopt the lifestyle and the consumption patterns of the western world, an ecological disaster would be inevitable. Already now we use more resources than our planet can renew. “Overshoot day” the date of the year when we have used what we are entitled to, fell 2015 on the 13th of August. For the rest of the year we lived off the substance at the expense of the future generations. “Green technology” alone will not solve this problem. To survive in the long run we have to change radically our wasteful ways of producing and consuming what we need for life and develop sustainable consumption and production methods. This can only succeed if we live out of a spirituality of simplicity and frugality to which Pope Francis invites us in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si´.

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Environmental Assassination

Today we mourn yesterday’s assassination of Honduran environmental leader Berta Cacéres. As the co-founder of the the Council of Indigenous Peoples of Honduras, Berta successfully led a nonviolent campaign with her indigenous Lenca community that stopped one of the world’s largest dam companies from building the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric project. The dam would have flooded large areas of land and cut off the supply of water, food and medicine for the Lenca peoples.

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Lenten Meditation (4)

No Life without water. Even more than food we need it to survive. That is why access to water is a basic human right. Yet, some 663 Million people do not have access to clean water. About a third of the world’s population lacks basic sanitary services.

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