Cameroon: Golden Jubilarians

Fons Eppink, Dominic Nyachoti, Hermann Gufler Jubilee On the occasion of the blessing of the new chapel at the Mill Hill Formation House in Bamenda, by Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua the two golden jubilarians present, Fr Hermann Gufler mhm and visiting 'yours truly', also receive a special tribute.


Celebrating Fr Adolf Pöll mhm

Fr Adolf Pöll mhm is commonly known as ‘Alleluia’ but in Witu the locals call him “Father Wetu” (Our priest). He is known for his whistling and jolly greetings. Everywhere we passed people knew him so well and this is significant owing to the fact that the majority of the locals are Muslims; they admire him, they love him and they adore him. Fr. Adolf too cares about them, loves them and adores them. Adolf doesn’t like to be at the centre of attention/celebration, so at his golden jubilee celebrations, there were three other celebrations actually meant to drown his own big day.

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