India: Ministry to Dalits and Temple Prostitutes (I)

In the year 2012 God has opened a door for me to embark on a new ministry. My main task is reaching out to Dalits, gypsy (nomadic) and temple prostitute communities. These people are most rejected ones in society in India. But Jesus called me to this precious ministry to work among the most abandoned. I have started tuition centers in 22 villages in Chittoor district Andhra Pradesh State. We can bring transformation through education. Every evening we conduct free tuition classes in the villages. This is our basic approach: to reach out parents through children.

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Lord you have seduced me.

Sr Sheetal Parmar She breezes in from Mamfe where, I am told, she made her mark at the bishops' meeting themed on Amoris Laetitia. On her way back to Kumbo where she coordinates the family life movement and a host of related programmes she stays the night at the Mill Hill guesthouse in Bamenda (NW Province, Cameroon).'You must talk to her, these nuns are truly amazing', Fr Nol Verhoeven mhm tells me when we disperse after supper. Sr Sheetal Parmar clearly is quite a phenomenon.

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