Uganda:My Mission

In this book, Father Grimes mhm reveals the struggles and successes of managing a secondary school in difficult and complex circumstances, but which gave a first class education to many children, some of whom have risen to senior positions in government, trade and industry.

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Damien of Molokai

A review (in Thinkingfaith) of a recent play by the American writer Aldyth Morris on the life and amazing self-sacrifice of St Damien de Veuster who in his native Belgium was voted 'most eminent Belgian of all time'. Damien is commemorated in the Church calendar on 11th October.

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Regional Assembly Dutch Region

Around 30 members of the Dutch Region of the Mill Hill Missionaries were gathered for a two day assembly in September. Martien van Leeuwen, Regional Superior, opened the meeting with an overview of recent developments in the region. Subsequently several recent returnees from the missions spoke about their experiences or about their current ministry in the Dutch region.

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