New Cathedral Basankusu, DR Congo

Slowly, but surely a new cathedral arises in the rainforest town of Basankusu, DR Congo, on the spot where once the majestic yellow brick building stood, erected by the early Mill Hill missionaries. Mill Hill associate Francis Hannaway sent this photographic impression of a work in progress.


Martyrdom in the 21st Century

John Allen comments on the assassination of Assumptionist Fr Vincent Machozi in DR Congo. Fr Machozi set up an influential website documenting atrocities in the Kivu Region.


Basankusu, DR Congo

I sat with the engineer from Basankusu Cathedral today at our celebration for a new brother taking his vows. The engineer says the cathedral will be finished "this year". Basankusu Cathedral was built by Mill Hill Missionaries in the 1940s, but has since been demolished and is being rebuilt. It was made of brick but is being rebuilt in reinforced concrete. It is the most substantial building in Basankusu - by a long chalk!

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