Here is a song on the theme of Mercy composed and sung by Fr Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm.


Mission to the West

It is amazing to be taken up into the Indian mission to the West. We are the beneficiaries of the ‘Ministry to Priests’ wing of the Seihon ministries from Kerala in India. The Seihon ministry has members scattered all over the English dioceses and they come together every month numbering up to 3000 at a convention centre in Birmingham. What is special is that the whole community is involved in this multi-pronged ministry: they reach out to the youth, sick, to children, to childless couples, to alcoholics. Not only do they stress catechesis but also the healing side of the gospel.


A Man for all Seasons

Grateful to God, I recently celebrated the golden jubilee of missionary priesthood on Saturday 9th July and have been kindly reminded, in a congratulatory letter from the General Council, of what I have officially been doing over these years in our Society. But I can’t help wondering if what I was commended for would also be endorsed by God who alone knows how far any of us have really responded over all these years to the graces of the Holy Spirit which were offered to us in order to become channels of His mercy and love for the people we were sent to serve in various parts of the world. But what are fifty years of service in God’s sight ? We pray in the words of Psalm 89(90), ‘O Lord…to your eyes a thousand years are like yesterday, come and gone, no more than a watch in the night…Make us know the shortness of our life that we may gain wisdom of heart.’


Zamdela Celebrates the Feast of the Martyrs of Uganda

On the 5th June 2016, the parishioners of Zamdela, Sasolburg, in the diocese of Kroonstad, South Africa gathered to celebrate the feast of their patron: the Martyrs of Uganda. Prior to the high mass, the parishioners were full of song and jubilation as they welcomed the local ordinary Rt Rev Peter Holiday, Bishop of the diocese of Kroonstad. There was a walking procession to the church led by children accompanied by church groups: Chiro Youth Club, St Ann, and St Joseph, Catholic Women’s League, Christian Life Group, St Stephens, St Cecilia, Sacred Heart group, friends and invited guests from neighbouring parishes. The bishop was given a guard of honour by the Knights of Da Gama. The procession, though it was a cold Sunday morning, attracted many onlookers in the township.


Celebrating the 150 years Jubilee in Absam.

On Friday 17th of June 2016 during the 150 Years Jubilee Mass in the Pilgrimage Basilica of Absam the 13 Mill Hill Priests present were asked by the Main Celebrant to renew their Missionary Oath. They did this in the presence of the Diocesan Administrator of Innsbruck, Jakob Bürgler – who presided the Eucharist –, the Abbot of the Norbertine Monastery Wilten - Innsbruck, Raimund Schreier, the Dean and Parish Priest of Absam, Martin Ferner, and a number of other Priests, Sisters, Zealators, Guests and Families while standing round the altar. This impressive and moving ceremony was conducted in Englishand it proved to be a strong expression of the missionary commitment and of belonging to an English Missionary Congregation.

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