Forgiveness and celebration are at the heart of community. These are the two faces of love. The poorer people are, the more they love to celebrate. The festivals of the poorest people in Africa last for several days. They use all their savings on huge feasts and beautiful clothes. These feasts nearly always celebrate a divine or a religious event. They are sacred occasions. In richer countries we have lost the art of celebrating. People go to movies or watch television or have other leisure activities; they go to parties but they do not celebrate

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Cameroon: Youth Ministry

After experiencing the life of young people in many different countries and situations - in DR Congo where I grew up, during my years of training for the missionary priesthood in East Africa (Entesekera/Kenya and Kotido/Uganda) and now as a theology student on 'mission experience' in the Catholic Mission of Ilung in NW Cameroon - I am deeply convinced that youth apostolate is not an optional extra but an integral part of the Church's ministry at every level.

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