Bishop of Bafia, Cameroon, dies under suspicious circumstances

YAOUNDE JUNE 6, 2017(CISA)-The body of Bishop Jean-Maries Balla of the Catholic Diocese of Bafia has been found in a river 78 kilometres from the country’s capital Yaoundé. His car was found on May 31 on a bridge over the Sanaga River with a note, “Do not look for me, I am in the water,” reported CNA. The bishop had been missing since May 30 after he left his office in Bafia at about 11.30 pm. It was unclear where he was headed.

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Forgiveness and celebration are at the heart of community. These are the two faces of love. The poorer people are, the more they love to celebrate. The festivals of the poorest people in Africa last for several days. They use all their savings on huge feasts and beautiful clothes. These feasts nearly always celebrate a divine or a religious event. They are sacred occasions. In richer countries we have lost the art of celebrating. People go to movies or watch television or have other leisure activities; they go to parties but they do not celebrate

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