Cardinal Herbert Vaughan

This is a reprint in paperback of Fr Robert O'Neil's biography of Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, founder of the Mill Hill Missionary Society, originally published in 1997.


Walsingham, here we come!

An Experience of Pilgrimage HAPPY MEMORIAL OF “OUR LADY’S DOWRY, ENGLAND’S NAZARETH”....WALSINGHAM The appeal, the yearning, the offer of mercy continues! Great experiences! The annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of…


Mission to the West

It is amazing to be taken up into the Indian mission to the West. We are the beneficiaries of the ‘Ministry to Priests’ wing of the Seihon ministries from Kerala in India. The Seihon ministry has members scattered all over the English dioceses and they come together every month numbering up to 3000 at a convention centre in Birmingham. What is special is that the whole community is involved in this multi-pronged ministry: they reach out to the youth, sick, to children, to childless couples, to alcoholics. Not only do they stress catechesis but also the healing side of the gospel.

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