British Bishop with one of the largest dioceses in the world

Pope Francis has appointed an English missionary to be bishop of a diocese that covers 2,000,000 kms2 in Algeria. Bishop-elect John MacWilliam is originally from Wimbledon and was educated in Sussex. He joined the British Army and saw active service in Northern Ireland and Oman before joining the Missionaries of Africa (known as the White Fathers). Now, at the age of 68 and after 25 years of service as a priest in North Africa, he will oversee the diocese of Laghouat. Covering 90% of Algeria, the entire south of the country, this diocese has only 10% of the country’s population and a tiny Catholic population of a few hundred expatriates including some migrants. “This is a Church in which our presence among our Muslim neighbours is a response to Christ’s call to be witnesses by our way of life,” says Bishop-elect John.


Palaspas – A Palm Sunday Ritual

In the run up to Palm Sunday lowly coconut palms are turned into "something worthy for the Lord" called palaspas in The Philppines. The tradition of weaving the palaspas from young coconut palm leaves, locally called ibus, dates back centuries.


Cameroon: Golden Jubilarians

Fons Eppink, Dominic Nyachoti, Hermann Gufler Jubilee On the occasion of the blessing of the new chapel at the Mill Hill Formation House in Bamenda, by Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua the two golden jubilarians present, Fr Hermann Gufler mhm and visiting 'yours truly', also receive a special tribute.

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