Assembly Mill Hill Missionaries Irish Region

Assembly Day in the Irish Region Feb. 28, 2017 The Irish Region holds its Assembly with a one day celebration in the early part of the year and usually another one day event in the second half of the year. On the 27th of February the majority of members had arrived in time for the evening supper and later in the evening gathered for a chat accompanied by a night cap.


Cameroon: Assembly of Mill Hill Missionaries

On January 17th the wonderfully international and youthful group of Mill Hill missionaries active in English speaking Cameroon came together for their annual assembly in the presence Fr Michael Corcoran General Superior and with the participation of Fons Eppink, Mill Hill correspondent.


Mill Hill Missionaries in East Africa meet to reflect on humble service

The annual assembly for the Mill Hill missionaries working in Uganda and Kenya was held on the 3rd to the 7th of January at Ukweli Pastoral Centre in Kisumu. 36 members from various missions were able to attend the assembly. Despite the decline in numbers, it was an assembly with more members from the South and East than West, signaling the shift in the demographics of the society. For the first time the average age for the assembly was under 40, a sign of a vibrant, enthusiastic and hopeful new breed of missionaries ready to carry on the mantle.


South Meets North in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Mill Hillers working in the southern and the northern part of the country are separated by a large distance of approximately 1337 kilometers. Over the last few years, the young members in Pakistan have been committed to break the distance barrier by having a common annual gathering to listen and support each other in their unique mission journey in Pakistan. The meeting this year was attended by three members from Rawalpindi Diocese and five members from Hyderabad Diocese along with a Pakistani aspirant.


Regional Assembly Dutch Region

Around 30 members of the Dutch Region of the Mill Hill Missionaries were gathered for a two day assembly in September. Martien van Leeuwen, Regional Superior, opened the meeting with an overview of recent developments in the region. Subsequently several recent returnees from the missions spoke about their experiences or about their current ministry in the Dutch region.


East Africa Regional Assembly

From May 17 till May 20th the Mill Hill missionaries of East Africa were gathered in the Ukweli Pastoral Centre, Kisumu, Kenya, for the annual assembly. A photographic impression, see Gallery


Assembly Dutch Region

Programme: Corry van de Bosch and Dick Marcus speak of their mission experience General Councillors Jimmy Lindero (Asia) and Andrew Mukulu (Africa) give an update on Miill Hill missionaries in…

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