Jubilee Witness

Fr Philip Odhiambo Obaso mhm presently serves in the parish of Bintangor in the Diocese of Sibu, East Malaysia.


Mill Hill Missionaries India

At the occcasion of the 150 year jubilee of the Mill Hill Missionaries the new generation of Mill Hill members in India has produced a video presentation of the work on the Mill Hill missionaries, past and present, in the Indian subcontinent.


Broken still one

Francis Baartmans mhm came to Varanasi in 1977 just when India shut its doors to foreign missionaries. Mill Hill was going to withdraw but Francis persuaded his superiors to be allowed to go to Varanasi. His argument was: 'This is not a time to withdraw. Hinduism and Buddhism are now coming to Europe. Vatican II promotes dialogue. We do not need less but rather more contact. I want to go there and stay, i want to really enter into the depth of the Indian experience'.


Freedom of Religion in Malaysia

A High Court ruling has overturned an official policy that has made it difficult for those who have converted to Islam to renounce the religion without the approval of the Islamic court.

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