Irish Columban Missionary, Fr Shea Cullen, to Receive Famous Dutch Recognition Award for Human Rights Work in The Philippines

It has been announced in the Netherlands that Irish Columban missionary, Fr Shay Cullen is to be the recipient of the 2017 Martin Buber Award in recognition of his internationally acclaimed work on human rights undertaken through the PREDA Foundation which he established in the Philippines in 1974. He will be presented with the award in Kerkrade next November during the annual International Festival of Dialogue - EURIADE


Spirit Seeking

A fascinating new book by Ben Engelbertink mhm based on the diary he kept during the ten years he was active as a missionary in Sarawak, East Malaysia. This factual account is completed by a beautifully written imaginative story.


Pakistani Martyrs

Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore, Pakistan, on the challenges facing the tiny Christian minority in the country.


Palaspas – A Palm Sunday Ritual

In the run up to Palm Sunday lowly coconut palms are turned into "something worthy for the Lord" called palaspas in The Philppines. The tradition of weaving the palaspas from young coconut palm leaves, locally called ibus, dates back centuries.


Cultural blindspot?

The washing of feet on Holy Thursday. Pope Francis has shown the way towards inclusivity. Not everyone is keen to follow suit.

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