Mill Hill Missionaries in Kenya Celebrate

On Saturday 19th May eight young Mill Hill Missionary temporary members made their life long commitment to mission by taking the Perpetual Oath. The following day, May 20th, they were ordained to the transitional diaconate by the Rt Rev John Obala, bishop of the diocese of Ngong.


Ethics in Public Life

Sadly, religion is not altogether immune from this decay. Instead of presenting a loud voice of resistance to this crisis, many religious leaders seem to be emulating public figures: promoting escapist spirituality, sucking money out of their flocks, sometimes hobnobbing with corrupt elites


East Africa Young Members Meeting

In school one of the most precious times apart from classtime is the breaktime. Breaktime is a time to refresh and re-energise; it is a time to refill as does the traveller who runs into a fuel station with an empty tank and leaves assured that the journey will proceed smoothly. Apart from refilling and refreshing, breaktime is also a time to take stock, evaluate and refocus. It was in this light that the “young” young members (under two years of appointment) from Kenya and Uganda, gathered in Kampala for three full days to refresh, re-energise, evaluate and refocus on their mission, the mission of Christ to preach Good News to all and welcome all to the kingdom.


The Experiences of African Catholic Church Seminarians

This qualitative study describes and interprets the lived experiences of African Roman Catholic Church seminarians (priests-in-training). The interpretive lens employed was world view, a conceptual tool extensively used in African-centred psychology. Sixteen African seminarians (age range 21–31 years) were purposely selected and interviewed in depth. Additional sources of data were reflexive notes and observation notes. Data were subjected to various iterative cycles of analysis. Participants described their difficulty in adjusting in the seminaries where teaching and living predominantly reflects a Western world view. They evidenced cognitive dissonance, emotional discomfort and feelings of marginalisation. The findings point to the importance of acknowledging the world views and cultural heritage of seminarians in their training.


Mission Inspiration

Utrecht, The Netherlands Each year in the weeks preceding Pentecost the Dutch missionary agency WNM (Week of the Dutch Missionary) organises a 'Day of Inspiration for Mission'. At this year's…



Fr Arnold Verhoeven mhm traces the origins and recounts the early history of the lingua franca of Anglophone Western Cameroon: Pidgin English.

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