Diaconate Ordinations Nairobi

Saturday the 20th of August was a spirit-filled morning: the day we had been preparing for had finally come. The choir was ready, we had practised the rite of diaconate ordination, and the venue for reception was equally ready. Yet there were still butterflies running down our stomachs. This was a special day indeed.

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A Martyr for Justice: Fr John Kaiser mhm

KENYA: Church to hold Memorial for Fr John Kaiser NAIROBI, AUGUST 19, 2016(CISA)- The Catholic Church through the Justice and Peace commission will tomorrow, Saturday August 20, 2016 hold Mass in memory of Fr John A. Kaiser at Morendat, Naivasha. The event will begin with a procession that will begin at 9.00am from Naivasha parish to Morendat the place where Fr Kaiser’s body was found 16 years ago. Bishop Cornelius Arap Korir will preside over the Holy Mass from 10.00am On August 24, 2000 Fr Kaiser’s body was found at Morendat – Naivasha, along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. The cause of his death could not be ascertained at the moment but later it became clear that he was murdered by unknown assailants. Fifteen years after his death, his relatives, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Christians and members of human rights groups and people of good will remember his tireless efforts in search of justice and peace for the poor. All the catholic dioceses in Kenya will hold Mass on August 28, 2016 in his honor. Fr Kaiser was born in Perham, Minnesota, USA, on November 29, 1932. In 1960 he came to Mill Hill to study theology and on July 11, 1964, he was ordained a priest at St. Louis. After his ordination Fr Kaiser was appointed to Kisii Diocese; in 1993 he was transferred to Ngong Diocese, where he remained until his death. During the last years of his life, he lived surrounded by controversy, clashing with high-level government figures over his fight for the poor. In 1998, he testified before the Akiwumi Commission and accused the government of atrocities against the population. After his death the Kenya government opened an inquest into Fr Kaiser’s death at the request of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops. The inquest ended on June 12 2007, after hiring from 111 witnesses. The presiding magistrate ruled on August 2007 that Fr Kaiser was murdered and that the suicide theory was based on pre-conceived notion.

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Cross-Cultural Approach: Universality of Mission and Cultural Relativism

I will take Clifford Geertz widest possible definition of culture as the totality of values, institutions and forms of behaviour transmitted within a society, as well as the material goods produced by the people. This wide concept of culture covers world view, knowledge and attitudes towards life. Culture is part of our personality as it is the source of world view and provides one with values and interests in life and means to pursue them. The above thus explains ethnocentricity; tendency to regard ones “world view” as the ideal norm. So, any other “world view” becomes “not the norm”. Remember culture defines how we see the world, interpret it and how we react to it.

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Celebrating Fr Adolf Pöll mhm

Fr Adolf Pöll mhm is commonly known as ‘Alleluia’ but in Witu the locals call him “Father Wetu” (Our priest). He is known for his whistling and jolly greetings. Everywhere we passed people knew him so well and this is significant owing to the fact that the majority of the locals are Muslims; they admire him, they love him and they adore him. Fr. Adolf too cares about them, loves them and adores them. Adolf doesn’t like to be at the centre of attention/celebration, so at his golden jubilee celebrations, there were three other celebrations actually meant to drown his own big day.

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