South Meets North in Pakistan

South Meets North in Pakistan

Mill Hill Missionaries Young Members Meeting

In Pakistan, Mill Hillers working in the southern and the northern part of the country are separated by a large distance of approximately 1337 kilometers. Over the last few years, the young members in Pakistan have been committed to break the distance barrier by having a common annual gathering to listen and support each other in their unique mission journey in Pakistan. The meeting this year was attended by three members from Rawalpindi Diocese and five members from Hyderabad Diocese along with a Pakistani aspirant.

This year's gathering was organized by Mill Hill north held at Sargodha Parish, a mission area run by Mill Hill for quite a long time now. Before getting down to business, the young Mill Hillers’ two day meeting opened with an encouragement from the veteran missionary, Fr. Steger, who welcomed us and shared his fifty years-and-counting missionary experience in Pakistan. One of the members, during the meeting noted a marked increase in the number of members appointed to Pakistan including MEP students:

"We have three MEP students and two newly appointed members in our midst and we are expecting two MEP students and one appointment next year. This is a cause of hope for us”, he insisted.

The stories of our different pastoral involvements, personal experiences and the way forward – were the focus of this recently concluded get-together. The different discussions during the meeting were an assurance and encouragement for establishing even closer ties between the South and the North. We, the young members in Pakistan, think that it is really very important to continue this culture of being united to encourage each other and show support in this challenging task in front of us.

We concluded our meeting together with the parishioners of Sargodha Parish around the altar with gratitude to God for the gift of our missionary vocation and offered prayers for more workers into His field.

Edson Paguntalan mhm

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