Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon Appoint a New Bursar

Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon Appoint a New Bursar

Elvis Shudzeka, Jos Boerkamp, Richard Njoroge, Nol Verhoeven

On the 20th of September 2017, Fr. Arnold Verhoeven mhm, our trusted Society Bursar in Cameroon for the past six years since 2011, handed over his responsibilities to a handpicked successor. In a brief handing over ceremony in the Mill Hill house, Bamenda, Fr. Nol (as he is known) handed his instruments of work to the new bursar, Fr. Elvis Shudzeka mhm under the watchful eye of the Society Representative in Cameroon, Fr. Richard Njoroge mhm, and the  Society Financial Secretary,  Br. Jos Boerkamp mhm.

We thank Nol for the wonderful financial services he has rendered to our Mill Hill members in and outside Cameroon and also to non-Mill Hill members.  Nol remains both the Rector of the Mill Hill house -Bamenda and house bursar. We wish Elvis well in the new and demanding task he is taking over. Besides being Society Bursar, Elvis doubles as  formator  in our Mill Hill formation House and as Mission animator for Cameroon.
Fr. Richard Njoroge mhm.

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