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 As the Society's richest source of vocations to the priest­hood and brotherhood, from the beginning of the Society till modern times, the Dutch Region is naturally home to the largest retirement community of Mill Hillers. Retired and semi-retired members living at the missiehuis in the town of Oosterbeek remain active in their support for their former missions, and often in the production of missionary memoirs and cultural studies. Some who have returned from overseas lend their services to pastoral teams responsible for parish liturgy and administration, and to the Apostleship of the Sea. Other Members and Associates live and work within urban communities of Portuguese and Spanish­speaking migrants. The Region maintains contact with its supporters through its quarterly Contaktblad, through annual get-togethers focused on a missionary theme or issue, and through fund-raising events.


Dutch Region
of the  Mill Hill Missionaries

Johannahoeve 4 

6861 WJ Oosterbeek


Regional Council:

Br M. van Leeuwen, Regional
                tel. 026-3398080
                fax. 026-3398081
                mob.06 48506646
                email: regionaal@mhmobk.nl


Fr R. Graat, vice-regionaal
Fr Th. Geurtsen
Fr A. Braak
Ms  A. Beentjes


             Financial Administration Missieprocuur


  Fr Th. Geurtsen Regional bursar
                           tel. 026-3398082
                           email: procuur@mhmobk.nl

Mr M. KoendersAdministrator 
                            email: mkoenders@mhmobk.nl


                            Account numbers:

                               ABNAMRO, Arnhem, NL39ABNA0400236311 ABNANL2A
                               t.n.v. Ned.Regio van de Mill Hill Missionarissen

                                ING NL52 INGB 0001066957 INGBNL2A
                                t.n.v. Missieprocuur van Mill Hill, Oosterbeek           

                               RSIN 006583489
                              Voor overige gegevens zie portaal van Konferentie Nederlandse Religieuzen:



  Regional archive


 Archivaris        Mr Hennie Scheerder   
                             tel. 026-3398077
                             email: millhillarchief@mhmobk.nl


Establishments in The Netherlands

Johannahoeve 4,6861 WJ Oosterbeek
tel: 026-3333204
fax: 026 3338270
email: jozefhuis@jozefmhm.nl


            Rector: Fr H. Reusen

tel: 026-3397557


ABNAMRO, Arnhem,
NL39ABNA0400236311 ABNANL2A
t.n.v. Ned. Regio van de Mill Hill Missionarissen



Johannahoeve 2, 6861 WJ Oosterbeek


Rector Fr A. Braak

tel:026-3398115 (kantoor)
email: rectorvrijland@mhmobk.nl


NL39ABNA049.51.99.893 ABNANL2A
t.n.v. Rector Missiehuis 'Vrijland'. 


Regional Council
September 20, 2016
by Fons Eppink