St. Joseph's Advocate Scotland

The first issue of the original 'St Joseph's Foreign Missionary Advocate' appeared in the Autumn of 1883. The front page had an engraving of the College at Mill Hill, above which in large letters the following words: "HELP! HELP! HELP! us to send Priests to the 900,000,000 HEATHEN." It was announced that the new magazine would be issued quarterly, that it would cost one and a half pence per copy, two pence in Australia, and with the American supplement, 6 US cents.


Ordination Ignatius Nshing

The Mill Hill missionaries in Cameroon sent this photographic impression of the ordination of Ignatius Nshing Tanjua mhm on 6th February 2016 at St Anthony’s Parish, Njinikom, Archdiocese of Bamenda. The Rt. Rev. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo, was the ordaning minister.


St. Joseph's Advocate Ireland

Readers of St. Joseph’s Advo­cate know us as the Mill Hill Mission­aries. The name goes right back to 1866 when Fr. Herbert Vaughan (later Cardi­nal Archbishop of Westminster) founded our Missionary Society in a place called Mill Hill, located in North West Lon­don. But our official title is ‘St. Joseph’s Missionary Society’.


Lenten Meditation (2)

The last 15 years have seen some progress in reducing poverty in the world. Yet 10% of the world’s population still live in extreme poverty.


Fr Alois Prader

We regret to inform you that Fr. Alois Prader, MHM, who spent long years of loving service in Rawalpindi Diocese, Pakistan (1958-1997), died at 5 o’clock in the morning, 10th February 2016, in Herbert House, Brixen at the age of 84.


Mill Hill Missionaries in Sarawak, Malaysia (7)

The pastoral responsibilities in Sarikei, a large and well established parish in the diocese of Sibu, are shared by Frs James Ting and Vincent Oates mhm. Fr Vincent Oates mhm returned to Malaysia after many fruitful years of missionary service in Pakistan, Britain and India. Together they also minister to a considerable number of longhouses in the outlying district.

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