Here is a song on the theme of Mercy composed and sung by Fr Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm.


Fr James Fanning mhm discharged

He had been planning to go on a pilgrimage walk to Santiago de Compostela. Instead Fr James Fanning mhm was hopitalised to be treated for aplastic anemia. Now, after 25 days of treatment is has been discharged.


Jean Vanier Writes

Here we are already, in the middle of November, and you have not yet received my autumn letter. It was delayed, but here it is, finally. After the "Peace" retreat at the end of July, I headed off to rest at the monastery at Orval, where I have spent my summer holidays for nearly 30 years. It was a peaceful and relaxing time, with walks in the forest and above all, time to stay close to Jesus, especially through the Daily Office with the monks, which always nourishes me...


Working among the Disadvantaged in Pakistan

Fr Nico Schipper is a Mill Hill missionary in the diocese of Hyderabad, South-East Pakistan. He lives and works among the marginalised poor, those who are ranked lowest in the Hindu caste system. Even though Pakistan is an overwhelmingly Muslim country the Hindu caste mentality still largely governs social stratification. Most Christians belong to the lowest ranking category in the Hindu caste system. They are considered to be unclean and inferior. Traditionally more than 90% of these Christians find employment in the lowliest of occupations, as sweepers and cleaners of toilets, sewage etc. They are ranked at the very bottom of the social scale. Fortunately, through improved schooling, quite a number of Christians have found more dignified work. But the type of work you do has no influence on the social pecking order.


How to catch a plane in DR Congo

Francis Hannaway, Mill Hill Lay Associate, travelled with Fr Stan Bondoko MHM on the river from Basankusu, where they work, to Mbandaka, to fly to Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The increasing decline of the country’s infrastructure has led to this being the only way to travel to the capital city. Things did not go according to plan.


Mega-Corruption Resurgence condemned by Catholic Bishops in Kenya

KAKAMEGA NOVEMBER 11, 2016 (CISA) – Catholic Bishops in Kenya have today condemned the growing cases of corruption allegations in the country. In a press statement sent to CISA titled, “For Love of our country, work for peace and unity” the bishops said the resurgent graft cases are puzzling and they want the cases investigated and concluded rapidly. “We are left wondering what is exactly going on. Is this happening even when other cases have not been dealt with? Or are we being treated to propaganda as a campaign tool for 2017? Is it possible that all have become helpless in the face of this growing monster?” “We have insisted again and again that those who have been entrusted to govern this country must be people free from corruption, who hate corruption and are willing to fight corruption to the end,” the bishops said. The bishops insisted that the time to act is now if we want the country to be a place of “plenty and prosperity” as we sing in our national anthem adding that as religious leaders they are willing to facilitate a forum to address the issues of corruption with sobriety, away from political rhetoric. “We seek to reason together to see how we can strategically address this vice. As a point of departure all those implicated, with credible evidence should step aside,” they said. The bishops further said that they wish to note with a lot of appreciation the positive measures that have been taken with regards to the credibility of our national examinations. “The fact that KCPE started and proceeded without major incidences is a sign that it is possible to have untainted examinations in Kenya. As the KCSE exams are underway, signs are that some form of sanity and integrity is slowly being restored, and it is hoped that this process will go on to completion and be reflected in the results,” they said. While commending the Cabinet Secretary for Education, the TSC and the Examinations Council and all who have been actively involved in preparing the exams, they noted that if everybody was serious about fighting corruption and impunity, it would be possible to eradicate it once and for all. “This kind of spirit should be extended to all other sectors and emulated by other ministries,” they said.

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