Cameroon Turmoil: Anglopohone Bishops Issue Stark Warning
Bamenda, NW Cameroon

Cameroon Turmoil: Anglopohone Bishops Issue Stark Warning

The heart of the matter is the ongoing Anglophone Problem which the Government has persistently failed to address adequately, resulting in deep and mounting resentment and bitterness among the population. Cosmetic changes which benefit only a few are not enough. The delay in addressing the problem has distanced many citizens of these two Regions from the rest of the country. The demonstrations of Friday, 22nd September 2017, across the two Regions should have opened the eyes of many, including the Government, to the scale of the problem. While the demonstrations were largely peaceful, there were a few incidents, provoked by either side that led to some deaths. We condemn all acts of violence by any one.

Cameroon Declaration of the Bishops of BAPEC

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