African Legends

African Legends

by Piet Korse mhm

Two little old women

A long time ago, two little old women were very much alike. They lived together in the same house. However, because of old age, they quarreled almost every day.

One day, these little old women finished their supper. Both desired to retire and go to bed. When it came to closing the door, one of them told the other, “You close the door.” The other one replied, “Why do you not close that bally door? Can you not do it yourself? No, I refuse. Do as you like.” The other one answered, “I do not care whether that door is closed or not.”

In the end, they both went to sleep without closing the door. In that village, many hyenas used to come and eat goats and other domestic animals. However, this time, they found these two little old women, when they had not closed their door. The hyenas entered their home and grabbed one of them. She cried for help, but her companion just laughed at her, saying, “No problem when they eat you. You refused to close the door. So good luck. Hyenas, do not take her through my pumpkin garden And take her far away into the bush. Eat her over there.”

The hyenas took and ate the first little old woman. However, they were not satisfied, because the woman was tiny and skinny. They decided to go back for the remaining one. When they arrived, this stupid little old woman had not closed her door yet. They entered the house, grabbed her also, dragged her into the bush, ate her and had their fill.

That is when I left the place, when the hyenas ate both little old women.


People, who live or work together, need to share responsibilities.

“Many rats and not one that closed the door.” (CRC1103). Did you ever see a door in front of a mouse hole? No, because not one of the mice is responsible for closing the hole. They all run in and out; however, not one of them thinks of making a door or closing it.

“One who looks at the child’s nose, cleans it” (CRC382). When a child has hanging mucus, do not call its mother; wipe it off yourself.

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