A Song and Dance for Peace and Healing
Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm

A Song and Dance for Peace and Healing

Songs composed and sung by Fr. Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm have featured on this website before. He has just returned to the UK from a few months leave in his home country of Cameroon and is scheduled to take up an appointment to take up mission animation with APF/Missio.
He writes: I returned from Cameroon two days ago and while I was home I recorded a few songs included this passionate cry for peace – A SONG AND DANCE FOR PEACE AND HEALING! Remeber World Peace Day!
“I need you Lord with all my heart, my family, friends, the world needs you, we need your love, we need peace, we need your grace, we need peace – WE NEED HEALING WE NEED PEACE!!!! 
Make me o Lord and instrument of your peace, mould me o Lord into the instrument of your love.” 
I’m echoing the sentiments of St Francis of Assisi and St Teresa of Calcutta.
The Lingala echo in the second half of the song is a cry, a prayer and a call to dance for peace by a Congolese young talented musician, Miguel, who found me in the studio and spontaneously joined in to cry to the Lord to give us peace and beg everyone to dance for peace.
Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm


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