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St. Joseph's Missionary Society of Mill Hill

Welcome to the website of St. Joseph's Missionary Society of Mill Hill.       We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world. We hope that this website will not only provide you with information about us and our work but also invite you to participate in our mission of love and service.

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    St. Josefs Missionsbote

    German Language Magazine

    This is the September - October issue of the German Language Magazine of the Mill Hill Missionaries [...]

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    Return to Vietnam

    Paul Hien Pham Dinh mhm

    What strikes a returning visitor with a religious interest like myself in present day Vietnam is the large number of churches everywhere. These are mainly Catholic churches. [...]

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    Diaconate Ordinations Nairobi

    Philip Adede mhm

    Saturday the 20th of August was a spirit-filled morning: the day we had been preparing for had finally come.  The choir was ready, we had practised the rite of diaconate ordination, and the venue for reception was equally ready. Yet there were still butterflies running down our stomachs.  This was a special day indeed. [...]

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    Justice and Peace Newsletter

    British Region

    Two young people sponsored to attend the annuel Justice and Peace Conference at Swanwick expressed thanks to Eddie - Mill Hill for the experience. Danica said: “I am highly interested in politics and I have really enjoyed the conference. There’s a lot of like-minded people across a range of age groups and as a young person I’ve learnt from them; As a young person they listened to me and treated me as an equal so that’s really nice. [...]

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